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THE MATCHPOINT GUIDE: To how the best recruitment agencies support their clients

Working closely with clients for the best outcomes

When we think about the primary objective of recruitment agencies, many of us see their role as focused on people who are looking for jobs, and at Matchpoint Recruitment we pride ourselves on working with each and every candidate to secure exactly the right position for them.

We also understand that for companies who are looking to hire new staff; the decision about which recruitment company to work with is extremely important.

You need to be reassured that this relationship will ultimately lead to you securing the right high quality personnel who will strengthen your business. That is why we invest a great deal of time and effort into building strong relationships with our clients over the long term.


Strong relationships with clients lead to  successful recruitment outcomes


Here are some insights on how we manage our client relationships in a way which is different to many of our competitors:


Successful teams make successful businesses

Probably the most common modus operandi for recruitment agencies is to have a singular focus on placing individual people in individual roles.

In our view, the problem with this approach is that there are very few commercial scenarios where success is dependent on just one person or small number of lone operators. In reality the best outcomes are usually created by groups of capable and motivated individuals, with their own abilities and strengths, who are combined together in cohesive and successful teams. This almost always results in the sum being greater than its parts.

Creating highly effective teams


At Matchpoint Recruitment we have the benefit of a solid number of years working in the Financial Services and Commodities sectors, which has allowed us to build strong relationships with our clients and to understand their businesses at individual team levels. This means that when you have a vacancy to fill – we can immediately get underway with a good idea of exactly the right type of person who will thrive in your wider team environment.


Understanding your business

When companies are looking to hire they often think the best idea is to advertise their role far and wide, in order to encourage as many applications as possible. This strategy may eventually turn-up a good candidate but we can guarantee that it will be a frustrating and time consuming process to filter hundreds of applications in order to locate the right needle in the haystack.


Extensive industry knowledge



Matchpoint Recruitment was founded by an expert in financial services and commodities, so when we are recruiting for you, we will only send you the candidates who are right for your vacancy. Finding the appropriate professional for your company is much more than ticking-off a list of attributes and qualifications, it is about understanding your industry inside out, so we are also committed to keeping fully up to date with trends, insights and business developments in order to stay ahead of the game.


Access to the right talent

Of course, lots of experience of working in the industry works both ways. It allows us to develop deep and meaningful relationships with our clients but it also means we have access to the very best talent.


The best talent available


Because we understand how your business operates and the various different fields of expertise, our candidates trust us and know that we will have their best interests at heart.


A small and nimble approach

Large bodies move slowly. This is true in all areas of business and also applies to recruitment. Because quality recruitment takes time and can be expensive, HR professionals understand that shortlisting the most appropriate candidates is likely to yield the best results. We intentionally remain small, nimble and light on our feet and our boutique approach allows us to invest time and energy in supporting our clients with every individual role that they fill.

Our small size also means that we are also able to move fast if you need us to.


Small, nimble and responsive

Proven processes

With lots of experience we have really honed the recruitment process to ensure that it is as efficient as possible. Our streamlined approach, access to the best talent and proven relationships means that as soon as you apprise us of your new role, we will be underway with finding exactly the right candidate for your requirements, and you can be comfortable with leaving this process in our very capable hands.


Are you looking to recruit?

If you are looking for new staff in the Financial Services or Commodities sector, we will be delighted to help.

Find out more about how we support our clients or get in touch with us for further information.