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Energy Commodities

Here comes the sun!

The UK is not renowned for being a sunshine hotspot, and it can’t be said that we are world leaders in the production of sourcing energy from solar power but,…

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‘The North Wind Doth Blow’

On a hot summer’s day we welcome it, during the cold winter months it can make bad weather treacherous, but regardless of the love/hate relationship we have, we can’t escape…

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The Green Generation

With areas of the planet still dealing with rising cases of Covid 19 and lockdowns the UK looks, for now, to be emerging from the darkness and turning its gaze…

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EV’s drive up commodity prices

You don’t have too look far on the internet these days to notice a lot of chatter about the marked rise in commodity prices. One particular market driving (quite literally)…

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  Powering our world: Energy Commodities   In this edition of our regular ‘Commodities in Focus’ series, we are taking a look at the vitally important energy commodities. Energy in…

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THE MATCHPOINT GUIDE: To International Petroleum Week – Bringing together traders and professionals from the international oil and gas industry

This year’s eagerly awaited International Petroleum Week takes place in London from 26-28th February, and brings together important stakeholders from the international world of oil and gas.   The three…

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