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THE MATCHPOINT GUIDE: To job hunting during difficult times

Is your job hunt on hold?

Is it possible to keep looking for a new job under the current circumstances? And are companies still hiring? The reality is that this is an unprecedented situation that everyone is adapting to, so the situation isn’t entirely clear.

If you are planning a change in your career or want to look for a new role, don’t despair. Although job adverts may have dried up and HR departments are dealing with practical issues rather than hiring, this doesn’t mean that forward thinking companies have entirely stopped planning for the future.

When this current situation is over, things will get back to normal and there will be opportunities available for capable individuals.

Here are some tips for what you can do in the meantime:


Take a relaxed approach

Normally we would advise job hunters to be proactive in their job hunting and career progression strategies, but this is not the time to be pushy.

HR professionals and other mangers are distracted, either working from home or setting up new logistics, or just generally experiencing their own worries about friends and loved ones.


It is sensible to take a relaxed approach to your job hunt under current circumstances


If you are waiting to hear about a role or want to approach a company – put this on hold for the time being.


Take advantage of thinking/planning time

There are many reasons why you may decide to look for a new job. It could be to take the next step in your career, or because you want to work for a different company or to improve your remuneration. Making small tactical decisions may mean that you move quickly from one opportunity to another without really planning for the longer term.


Take time to think and plan ahead


The current hiatus could be the opportunity to sit back and really think about where you are heading, and also do some general housekeeping to make sure you are in the right place when things get back to normal:


Spruce up your online presence

You could well be adapting to working remotely and online at the moment and using video conferencing amongst other things. This is a great opportunity to update your online professional profile on platforms like LinkedIn and network in that way.


A good opportunity to update your online presence


If you have some downtime you could consider writing a blog or article which is relevant to your area of expertise. Once published this could be a real boost to your professional credibility.


Get organised

As well as addressing your online presence, this is also an opportunity to review your CV and maybe refresh it with a new design – find out more on our blog.

You could also update your work history and draft some new covering letters. All of this activity will keep you focused and active and ensure you are ready to get underway when companies are hiring again.


This is an opportunity to do some research and update your CV


Research and learn

This is a good time to do some research. Have a look for companies that you would like to work for so that you can approach them in the future.

Also take advantage of any online learning that is available. If there is a course, qualification or other type of learning that you have always wanted to complete, this may be the time to get started.


Take care of yourself

These are very difficult times, so the best that many of us can do is to simply commit to taking care of ourselves in the best way that we can. This means healthy eating, exercise (whilst following the government guidelines), reading and relaxing when possible.

Your main objective is to keep ticking over until life returns to normal again.


Healthy food and exercise are recommended during this difficult time



Provided it is safe to do so, you could think about volunteering. Either helping out with a local charity/programme or for the national drive for volunteers.

Lots of people can’t practically do this, or don’t feel able to, which is absolutely fine, but if you can contribute, then good for you and this type of experience will undoubtedly be valued by any future employer.


Don’t forget, you can still register your CV with us  and have a browse of our website and blog section for help and advice.