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MATCHPOINT ADDING VALUE FOR CLIENTS #4 Selecting the right candidate

Helping you select the right candidate for your position

If you have read some of the other blogs in our #AddedValue series, you will know that Matchpoint Recruitment are perfectly placed to help clients make the right hire.

Our years of industry and recruitment experience mean that we can ensure that the process is efficient, cost effective and ultimately successful.

Despite this, clients can still sometimes find it tough to make the final decision when offering a role, particularly if there are two (or even more) high quality candidates with little to choose between them.

Here is our advice for a robust process that will help to ensure that you identify the right person for your role.


Clear Job Specification

It is important to start with a clearly defined job specification. If you have a very accurate understanding of the role requirements, this will help you to identify the candidate who is the closest match.


Start with a clear job spec.


Accurate Person Specification

Once you have defined your role, it should become clear what you will need to fill it.

The requirements for candidates fall into two main areas:

Objective and measurable factors: relevant experience, qualifications etc. These areas can be measured and ‘proven’ with references, certificates etc.

Intangible factors: qualities such as honesty, integrity, being a good team player. These are more difficult to measure but are very important. A good way to assess them is to use situational questions at interview e.g. ‘You have the opportunity to take the credit for a piece of work that was actually a team effort, what do you do?’ etc.


Taking the time to create a comprehensive job description and person spec pays dividends


Effective job advert

You will not always need to advertise your role, particularly if you are working with a recruitment agency which can manage this for you.

If you do need to advertise, creating an ad can be challenging. You need to strike the right balance between effectively promoting your company to potential recruits, whilst at the same time accurately outlining the specific skills, experience and qualifications you are looking for in a candidate.


An effective job advert


Spending the time to get a job advert right will help to ensure that applications are relevant which will save you time when short listing. We can help with this if you need any support.


Scrupulous short listing

If you have a clear set of criteria for a role, then short listing becomes easier. This is where experts like Matchpoint can really help by saving you the time and effort that this process can take, particularly if you receive hundreds of applications.


Sifting through candidates can take a great deal of time


Objective interviewing

The best method for interviewing candidates is to have a clear set of questions which you ask every candidate.

A marking system is also helpful to make the process as objective as possible. This has the double benefit of allowing you to keep a written record that you can refer back to.


Include more than one person on your interview panel


Make sure that you include more than one person on your interview panel so that you can discuss and compare the candidates afterwards.


Testing if appropriate

Modern recruitment processes often include tests, to assess professional aptitude, numeracy or literacy skills. This can be carried out prior to interview or as part of the interview process.

Testing can be helpful to rule out candidates who aren’t able to meet your minimum requirements and is an objective way to measure some capabilities.


Objective decision making

Once you have completed the full process, it is important to look objectively at all of the information you have gathered on each candidate.

Some people are inclined to go with ‘feelings’ or ‘hunches’ that they have about people. This is not the best way to make a decision. Instead, review all of your evidence and if possible have a simple and consistent scoring system so that you can rank and compare the suitability of each candidate.


Let us help!

We make our clients’ lives easier by managing recruitment for them using our tried, tested and proven methods.

If we can help you to find the right candidate for your role, please get in touch with us today.