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MATCHPOINT ADDING VALUE FOR CLIENTS #5 Making the most of Christmas

Making the most of Christmas

Christmas is a socially busy time of year (under normal circumstances!) but it tends to be a quiet period for the recruitment industry. Most firms and candidates will probably take some time off and return to activity afresh in the New Year.

For HR and recruitment departments this can actually be a valuable opportunity to take stock and plan for the year ahead. Here is our advice on some of the activities which can be really helpful at this time of year.


It can be useful to have some spare time!


Review your recruitment strategy

Year end means a natural opportunity to think about the year ahead and how future business strategy or the movement or promotion of staff will have an impact on your hiring over the coming months.

Planning is particularly difficult under current circumstances, but it still makes sense to put in place as much as possible. You should also consider any personnel who may be looking to move on in the near future as they will need to be replaced.


Think about what you may need for the year ahead


Review candidates on file

Most HR departments and recruitment firms have received many speculative CVs this year, as people have lost jobs or not been able to take up new opportunities. If you have a large pile of CVs, this less busy period is a good time to look through and identify those candidates who may be of interest when things pick up.


Take a look through all your CVs

Keep candidates updated

Although you may not be actively recruiting at the moment, at some point you will need to, so it is always a good idea to update people about any positions that are on hold or other scenarios where hires haven’t moved forward. There will come a time in the future when you will need quality candidates again and keeping in touch is always valued.


Keep in contact with candidates


In a normal year, Christmas is a great time to network and meet new people, as well as catch up with your own colleagues. Although there won’t be any parties this year, there are still opportunities to network online. Although you may be suffering from Zoom fatigue, this could still be beneficial.


Virtual meetings happen even at Christmas!


Review your recruitment collateral

Take some time to review recruitment pages, graduate packs, company information and any materials that reflect your employer branding. This will save you time when hiring recommences next year.


And relax……

And finally…. it has been a super tough year, so don’t forget to find time to sit back and relax.

We are all looking forward to a more positive 2021!


We make our clients’ lives easier by managing recruitment for them using our tried, tested and proven methods.

If we can help you to find the right candidate for your role in 2021 and beyond, please get in touch with us today.


Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!