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THE MATCHPOINT GUIDE: To supporting our clients during the pandemic

Recruitment in a changed world

Activity in the recruitment sector is looking very different at the moment as we support our clients to deal with the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Lots of the businesses that we work with are experiencing recruitment challenges and we also understand that you will be juggling a range of conflicting priorities at the moment.

We are here to help with advice and guidance on your commodities or financial services recruitment strategy.


Traditional recruitment activities are facing a challenge during the pandemic


Here is an overview of some of the issues that you may be facing, along with advice on how we can help:



General uncertainty may mean that you are postponing new hires until it becomes clear how the situation will pan out for your company and the economy.

Whether you are operating close to ‘Business as Usual’ or you have staff on furlough, we know that recruitment may not be top of your list of priorities whilst the future remains unclear.

At Matchpoint Recruitment, one of our most important USPs is the close relationships that we build with our clients to help us develop a deep understanding of their business models.

We will be more than happy to work with you now, to provide strategic recruitment advice which will put you in an excellent position to hire the best candidates when the time is right.

The right match for your role


Lack of time

Do you have less time to spend on recruitment because of other HR requirements?

We know how busy HR departments are at the moment and that taking care of existing staff is likely to be your main priority.

If you do need to recruit, our specific expertise in commodities and financial services means that you can rely on our comprehensive support to select and vet the most appropriate candidates. This will free-up your valuable time to spend on other important activities.


Let us do the hard work for you

The process is challenging

If you need to hire, the recruitment process is currently extremely difficult

Even for those companies that need to hire, social distancing and the restrictions on everyday life are making this problematic.

It is possible to interview online, but few HR managers view this as a 100% effective replacement for face to face contact.


Man using video chat for online job interview in office, closeup


The reality is that if you need new staff, you probably will have to carry out virtual interviews for at least the next few months. However, we can help to support your wider selection process by finding the right candidates, carrying out detailed assessments and pre-interviewing if required.

This provides peace of mind that your shortlist has been extensively vetted beforehand.


Lack of available talent

The best talent is thin on the ground

Under current circumstances, many capable candidates who may have previously been considering a career move in 2020, have now decided to hunker down and stay put, rather than risk changing jobs at the moment.

In our experience, finding a truly excellent match for a role can take time so we advise clients to start reaching out to candidates now, before the market becomes busy again. This is likely to put you at an advantage when it comes to accessing the best talent available.

Please talk to us about your emerging requirements. We may know candidates who are not actively job hunting but who could be the perfect match for your future role.


We have access to some of the very best candidates – even those who aren’t actively looking for new positions


Taking those next steps

As the world opens up, are you starting to think about the next steps in your recruitment strategy?

No one is entirely sure what the future holds, but we have reason to be hopeful that we are over the worst of the health implications of the pandemic.

Clearly the ongoing economic impact continues, but for most successful companies, business life can and must go on. This means that we hope to see a gradual return to normality over the next few months.

Matchpoint Recruitment is here to support you with this process and we have the expert knowledge to find exactly the right candidate for your role.

Even if you are not quite ready to progress, we will be delighted have an initial discussion about your requirements so:

Please get in touch with us today