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THE MATCHPOINT GUIDE: To making your hiring process more efficient

The benefits of efficiency

In professional sectors like financial services and commodities, hiring a new addition to your team can be a long and potentially expensive process.

Although it is never sensible to cut corners during such an important exercise, there are ways that you can make recruitment swifter and more efficient, saving you both time and resources.

The other major benefit of speeding things up is that you increase your chances of securing the best candidate before your competitors.


Efficiency means access to the best hires


Here is our advice on some easy ways to increase efficiency:


Work with a specialist

Of course, we will always recommend that you work with a recruitment specialist like Matchpoint, as we always provide efficient and effective support to our clients. Take a look back through our past blogs to find out how we can save you time, money and effort with proven strategies which attract quality candidates.

We are always available to provide advice and support so let us know if we can help.


Specialist support


Targeted advertising

Make sure that you utilise the media or online platforms which are most relevant to your candidates.

If your role is specialised then there is little point in spending a lot of money on a major newspaper advert when a more targeted approach on a specialist job board may pay dividends.

Also consider social media platforms like LinkedIn and twitter to share opportunities. This usually costs nothing (unless you are using paid advertising) and also allows you to target the most relevant groups of people.

We feature roles directly on our website and other quality job sites, so we can provide advice on the best advertising strategy for your specific requirements.


Efficient use of social media


It is also important to carefully craft the wording of your advert so that your job spec is crystal clear. This will help to ensure that you only receive applications from relevant candidates.


Pre-screening and interview

Efficient pre-screening is one of the best tools for streamlining your recruitment process. This exercise always involves a rigorous assessment of the applications, but can also include an extra step of a telephone interview or pre-interview task to complete. This will help to ensure that you only progress the best and most relevant candidates to interview.


Only interview the very strongest candidates


And it goes without saying that you should be extremely strict about which candidates you interview. Ensure that you have a clear set of criteria which you follow to the letter when you are shortlisting. Interview fatigue can set-in if you try to see too many people face to face.


Make use of your internal resources

Of course, developing and promoting staff from within your organisation is an excellent business strategy but there are other ways that you can utilise your colleagues as well.

Employee referral schemes are a really helpful way to identify good prospects. You should also rely on the detailed business knowledge of your colleagues to help you shortlist the most relevant candidates.


Rely on the experience and expertise of your business colleagues


We are here to help

We make your life easier by managing your recruitment process for you, using our expertise and proven methods.

If we can help you to find the right candidate for your role, please get in touch with us today.