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THE MATCHPOINT GUIDE: To Managing Virtual Interviews


Taking a virtual approach

Most companies are adapting to new ways of working as we continue to live with the global pandemic.

Managing activities online has increasingly become part of our everyday lives so it is no surprise that businesses are also establishing processes for recruiting new staff online.


Many business processes can now be managed virtually


We are now accustomed to having meetings online, but what is best practice when you need to interview? Here is our advice:


Precision planning

It is advisable to have a very clear plan for your virtual interview process. This should include what questions you will ask and who will ask them, if you intend to have more than one person on your panel.

This level of preparation is always necessary, but is particularly important in virtual scenarios where it is much more difficult to ask questions ‘off the cuff’.  Having a clear script will also help you to manage any problems with sound.


If there are a number of people participating, this can be complicated


You may also want to consider upping the ante on other non-interview tasks to ensure that you get a well-rounded view of your candidate.

This could include tests or asking for a task or piece of work to be completed beforehand. This will provide you with solid and objective evidence of each individual’s capabilities which will help to compensate for the lack of face to face interaction.


Clear communication beforehand

It is a necessity to provide crystal clear instructions for any interview process but this is a particular priority when candidates are dealing with potential added technological pressures.


Provide detailed instructions


Ensure that you provide:

  • Clear timings
  • Detailed instructions on how candidates should access your chosen technology
  • An overview of the interview process and who will be taking part
  • What to do if there is a technical hitch (see below)


Getting the technology right

Some companies (and particularly those with international operations) already had established video conferencing capabilities which were in use before the pandemic, but many of us have had to adapt to virtual working and communications.

If you are conducting an online interview then you need to be sure that your chosen platform is robust. There are many options to choose from including Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom and Skype to name but a few. You need to choose the method which is compatible with your wider business operations and which you are comfortable using.

On interview days it is particularly important to double check all of the practical details like the camera, microphone, volume and signal strength. It is sensible to carry out a number of test runs before you start the actual interview process.


Check your tech


Choose the right environment

In the same way that you would book a private and quiet space for an interview in the office, you should endeavour to do the same for an online version. This can be difficult when working at home but this is the one situation where it is particularly important to have a neutral backdrop and to ensure that you won’t be interrupted.


Ensure that you won’t be interrupted


Always have a back-up plan

An finally…. ensure that you have a clear back-up plan if the technology goes wrong  (a situation that we have all experienced at some point in recent months!) and share this with your candidates.

This could be the option to reschedule – or switching to telephone or another video platform. The most important thing is to reassure candidates that there will be an alternative solution if this is required.



We make our clients’ lives easier by managing recruitment for them using our tried, tested and proven methods and we can help with any aspect of your recruitment process, including virtual interviews.

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